Our mission since 2008 has been to design the ultimate cosmetic pillowcase. Our unique laboratory is committed to formulating clinically-proven nanotechnology which can be applied to textiles, guaranteeing a straightforward and effective approach to skincare.


In 2008, the English entrepreneur Chris Frost began working on the technology and formulations for adding copper based nanotechnology to textiles.

In ancient Egypt, copper was utilized for various medical purposes, including sterilizing wounds and treating infections. Copper was also used in ancient Greece, where it was believed to have healing properties and was applied to wounds to promote healing.

In more recent centuries, copper has been studied for its antimicrobial properties. Research has shown that copper surfaces have the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, making it an effective material for use in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of infections.


Copper is used in various medical applications, including in the manufacturing of medical devices, as well as in wound dressings and antimicrobial coatings. Research into the medical properties of copper continues, with ongoing studies exploring its potential use in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other infectious diseases.

In 2008 Skinsu developed an innovate process of binding copper ions to textiles.


We conduct research, formulate, and manufacture our products within our English based laboratory.

The process of formulating our proprietary technology is complex and requires a specialist English team to successfully bond the technology to our silk textiles.


Utilizing copper ion technology, Skinsu's products can efficiently eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne, breakouts, and blocked pores. This results in enhanced sleep quality and healthier skin, outperforming the advantages offered by any other beauty product.