The Ultimate Copper Infused Cosmetic Pillowcase

100% silk pillowcase treated with copper ion technology helps stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines.

1000s Of Happy Sleepers

  • Skinsu has definitely helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes, very impressed.

    Chloe T
  • So soft and comfortable to sleep on and seems to be improving my skin after a few weeks.

  • This pillowcase is fantastic! It significantly reduces morning puffiness around the eyes.I highly recommend it!

  • This is the best pillowcase I've ever had. Soft silk fabric, very comfortable, amazing.

  • As a side/belly sleeper who struggled with acne on one cheek, I was initially skeptical. However, the results have been great..

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Skinsu Copper Infused Cosmetic Pillowcase

Indulge in the world's most advanced pillowcase. Made with copper infused 22 Momme mulberry silk.

- Helps in preventing acne, eczema and skin irritation.

- Helps prevent wrinkles. and fine lines.

- Helps with skin radiance, hydration and smoothness.

- Helps reduce hair tangles and breakages



Why Skinsu?

Skinsu is the world's most advanced silk pillowcase, combining science with innovation. Our unique 22 momme silk infused with Skinsu's copper nano technology.

  • Premium 22 Momme Mulberry Silk
  • Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines
  • Improves Skin Radiance
  • Kills 99.7% of bacteria
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Fights Acne


We conduct research, formulate, and manufacture our products within our English based laboratory.

The process of formulating our proprietary technology is complex and requires a specialist team in England to successfully bond the technology to our silk textiles.




"Amazing pillowcase, my skin is looking a lot better since I started using Skinsu a few months ago. My skin is more radiant and my acne is a lot better.

Sarah T



What is so special about Skinsu Pillowcases?

Skinsu uses advanced nano technology to add Copper Ions to the silk pillowcases.

Is the copper ion technology proven?

Copper ion technology, particularly its antimicrobial properties, has been studied extensively and has shown amazing results in many research studies. Studies have demonstrated that copper ions have the ability to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact, making them useful for applications where preventing the spread of infections is crucial, such as in healthcare settings.

Is Skinsu technology safe?

Yes Skinsu is safe. Copper ions occur naturally in the environment and are essential micronutrients for human health in small quantities.

why do other companies not use your technology?

Our unique technology is complex and took over 10 years to develop.

what is the difference between cotton, satin and silk pillowcases?

In summary, cotton pillowcases are breathable and hypoallergenic but may cause friction. Satin pillowcases are smooth and minimize friction, while silk pillowcases offer luxurious softness, minimize friction, and help retain moisture.

do the skinsu pillowcases kill bacteria?

Yes, when copper comes into contact with bacteria, it releases positively charged copper ions. These ions disrupt the cell membranes and DNA of the bacteria, leading to their inactivation and eventual death.

why is skinsu manufactured in england?

Skinsu is manufactured in the UK for a number of reasons including quality control, intellectual property protection, skilled technicians and brand reputation.